Weeks 1 and 2

Day 1: Upper

Warm Up

Foam Roll Upper Back, Lats, Pecs

1A. Barbell Bench Press

4x8, Then drop the weight by 30% —> 1 X AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

1B. Single Arm Dumbell Row

4x10 each arm

2A. DB Bench ISO Hold to 10 dumbell presses

4 x 20 second hold then 10 reps

2B. Pull Up Ladder

4 x 5,4,3,2

3A. Band Face Pulls


3B. Band Pull Aparts


Day 2: Lower

1A. Barbell Box Squat

4x8 work up to about 70% then 1 x AMRAP @ 60%

1B. Frog Pump Glute Bridges


2A. KB Complex

**KB Swing —> Clean —> Squat —> Reverse Lunge = 1 Rep**

4x5 each side

2B. KB Sumo Deadlift (two kettlebells - one in each hand)


3A. Assault Bike

3x10 calories

3B. Wall Sit

3x30 seconds

Day 3: Full Body

1A. Box Jumps


1B. MB Chest Slam


2A. Barbell Deadlifts


2B. DB Push Press


3A. TRX or Ring Rows


3B. Farmers Walks

4x 1:30 seconds

DAY 4: Optional Conditioning

1. Assault Bike

20 seconds HIGH INTENSITY (>90% effort) followed by 10 seconds of LOW INTENSITY

Repeat this 20/10 for 8 rounds for a total of 4 minutes

2. Rower

500 m row @ 80% effort

 Weeks 3 and 4

Day 1: Upper

1A. Bench Press

4x6, then do an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) with 30-40% less than your heaviest set

1B. Band Face Pulls

4x15 reps with a 15 second hold on the last rep

2A. Slow Eccentric Push-Ups (5 second lowering)


2B. Slow Eccentric Pull-Ups (5 Second lowering)


3A. Curls


3B. Band Reverse Fly

4x20 each arm

3C. Hanging Leg Raises


Day 2: Lower

1A. BB Box Squat

6x4, then 1 AMRAP with 40% less than heaviest set

1B. Box Jumps


2A. BB (barbell) or DB (dumbbell) step-ups

4x10 (5 each leg)

2B. Squat Hold (squat down to 90 degrees)

4x30 second hold

3A. Barbell Hip Thrusts


3B. Weighted Lunges

3x12 (6 each leg)

Day 3: Full Body

1A. Hang Cleans (barbell or DB)


1B. Sumo Deadlift

5x12, use lighter weight and move feet wider than a normal deadlift - kettlebells are a good option for this movement if you prefer over barbell

2A. DB Push Press


2B. Band Pull Downs


3A. Farmers walks

4x100 steps (use heavy dumbbells or kettlebells)

3B. Sprints

4x20 seconds (can be a treadmill, outside, or on a bike)

Day 4: Optional (but suggested) Conditioning

10 min run or bike with even HI/lo intervals - 30 seconds high intensity / 30 seconds low recovery intensity and repeat for 10 min

Weeks 5 and 6

Day 1: Upper

1A. Band Face Pulls


1B. Med Ball Slams


2A. Single Arm DB Bench

4x12 (each arm)

2B. Single Arm DB Row (unsupported)

4x12 (each arm)

3A. Landmine Press

4x10 each arm

3B. Single Arm Farmers Walks

4x50 steps on each arm

3C. Band Tricep Pushdowns


Day 2: Lower

1. KB Swing Pyramid

2,4,6,8,10,12,10,8,6,4,2 (5 seconds rest between each set)

2A. Slow Eccentric Goblet Squats

4x5 (5 second lowering)

2B. Weighted Step Ups

4x10 each leg (dumbbells in each hand)

3A. Cossack Squats

4x8 each leg

3B. Hanging Leg Raises (knees bent)


Day 3: Full Body

1. Pull Ups


2A. Dumbbell Overhead Press


2B. Walking Lunges

4x20 total

3A. DB Cleans

4x8 each arm

3B. Turkish Get Ups

4x3 each side

3C. Band Side Steps

4x20 each way

4. Planks

3x30 seconds