Client Spotlight: Han Park


At INFINITY ATHLETICS, we pride ourselves on working with clients to manage realistic goals and plans to attain them. Every client is actively involved in setting their goals and managing them. This means that each client has to put forth just as much effort as we do to see results. 

It’s for this reason that it is always inspiring to see clients surpass their original goals and reach further in every aspect of their life.

Han Park is a shining example of a client’s commitment to the process. Han Park is a full-time law student at Harvard, member of on-campus organizations, and an active client of Infinity Ithaca, all while maintaining a part-time job.

In January 2016, Han submitted a Consultation Request with the vision to look good for the summer while optimizing his health. Han had tried other outlets of fitness in the past and found that having a plan and the accountability to show up every day made it easier for him to see progress.

For the past 6 months, Han has made the investment in himself and in his training to see some amazing results.

                                                 25 lbs of body fat --> 9.5 lbs of body fat

                                                 25 lbs of body fat --> 9.5 lbs of body fat

When Han started training he was over 15% body fat, which in terms of body composition means he had 25 lbs of fat. It’s important to understand, that while this might sound like a lot, 15% is average. But Han made it clear he was looking to stand out.

Over the course of working through his training and nutrition program, he dropped to 6% body fat, which means from 25 lbs of fat to 9.5 lbs of fat.

Our hats go off to Han as he makes a transition from Cornell to Harvard, but knowing firsthand Han's commitment to making himself better, we have no doubts of his success.

If you'd like to know more about our health optimization program, please feel free to submit a consultation request to chat with us.